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The plan.

Despite my last post, I have a general idea of how I want to spend the next three years here, in the Americas. As we have awhile here, and language is really not much of an issue, the planis that we are going to visit every pyramid, archaeological site, cenote, and nature reserve or park we can.

And tourist traps, because who doesn't like a cheesy tourist trap?

  At least, that's my plan. If I have to drag everyone else along with me, so be it. I don't think i'll have to drag anyone along. When you sell the adventure to your kids by saying, "Lets visit beaches, pyramids, and jungles and have adventures!" it pretty much guarantees a yes response. And that's true to for my husband, for most of the places I'm looking to go. Other places require a little more planning...because i'm pretty sure some of these places are going to require a plane flight, and probably making arrangements to go with a tour group.


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