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Sea of silver light

Our kids really have it lucky.

It's funny that during something so mundane, you mind can drift to an earlier time and place in your life. I was making dinner for the family (pizza), and realized that my kids basically have almost the dream childhood of an 80s kid- or at least my interpretation of a dream 80s childhood. They play video games* (many of them educational, thankfully) at their discretion thanks to their kindle fires. They can watch cartoons whenever, wherever- not just on Saturday mornings. Pizza, popcorn, chicken nuggets, burgers, fries, and probably a few comfort foods I am forgetting are no strangers to dinner time**. Books galore, both digital and hard copy. A buffet worth of art supplies. And a sea of toys that will likely get culled again when it arrives at our next post.

Almost everything, like I said.

We walk to the local grocery stores, when i'm not feeling lazy. Even though my last two posts have been on the subject, it honestly isn't the only thing …

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